Wipeband (with 5 Tissue Packs)

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Wipeband is the perfect solution for 3-5 year old kids to protect them from germs. It is a lightweight, flexible, watch like contraption containing facial tissues. Using Wipeband kids can easily, intuitively wipe their nose on the tissues and say goodbye to germs, dirty hands, and clothes. Soft and gentle on skin, it’s easy and intuitive usage makes it effective in keeping kids and their clothing clean. Order now for the ultimate on-the-go protection.

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We all have seen first hand how our young ones (aged 2-6) frequently catch cold and then conveniently wipe their nose using their hand, arms or on their clothing.

This poses multiple problems from dirty hands, faces, clothing, to the spread of germs amongst children as with all the sharing of things, touching of surfaces in day cares, schools kids unknowingly spread more than just love, they also spread germs.

Wipeband addresses these challenges and risks here’s how: It is a lightweight, easy to use watch like contraption, which goes on the wrist of the child and contains 6 layers of soft, gentle, skin friendly disposable tissues. Using Wipeband kids can now easily, effectively and intuitively wipe their nose or cough or sneeze into the Wipeband, which restricts the spread of germs, and keep clothes clean. After use, tissue from Wipeband can be easily pulled out and discarded, effectively reducing the spread of germs amongst our young ones.

Wipeband is a perfect accessory for school, playdates, or any time your child is on the go. Say goodbye to germs, dirty hands, faces, clothes (dry cleaners) and hello to the ultimate protection for your child with Wipeband. Order yours today and give your child the peace of mind they deserve!

Did You Know!

Young children have underdeveloped upper airways which make them more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections.