About Wipeband

Wipeband is the perfect solution for 3-5 year old kids to protect them from germs. It is a lightweight, flexible, watch like contraption containing facial tissues.

Using Wipeband kids can easily, intuitively wipe their nose on the tissues and say goodbye to germs, dirty hands, and clothes. Soft and gentle on skin, it’s easy and intuitive usage makes it effective in keeping kids and their clothing clean. Order now for the ultimate on-the-go protection.

The problem we are solving: Cold and Children

Jason wipes his nose with his hand and germs spread quickly to classroom objects

Amy touches the same objects, germs go to Amy and eventually to her brother at home

As germs spread rapidly, very soon Amy and her younger brother fall sick

How we reduce the risk of infection spread amongst children

Jason catches cold infection and his mom puts on a Wipeband on his arm

 Instead of wiping his nose with his hand, Jason intuitively wipes it on Wipeband 

 Jason now responsibly tackles the germs and does not spread them. He is a hero !!

How to use the product

How to use the product

Did You Know!

More than 200 different viruses are known to cause the symptoms of the common cold.

At Wipeband we want to protect our young ones from these and more.