A Note to Parents

Dear parents,
We realize how precious the kids are for you, as a team which stands behind Wipeband we share the same love, passion and desire to keep children safe and healthy. We took your love, care for the children as an inspiration at Wipeband, and have given our best shot at building a product, which ensures the wellbeing of your child by decreasing the rate of infection spread amongst children.

We hope to live up to your expectations and are counting on you for your thoughts, comments and feedback. Your inputs will enable us to make products which addresses your needs and the needs of your young ones.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your love and your care towards your little ones and the community– all of this all ensures our world stays bright and continues to shine with the sparkle of their eyes and hums with sound of their laughter . With Wipeband hope to keep your young ones safer and your life little bit more easier.

With love and care always,
Sachin Yadav

About Us

“We are a bunch of mad scientists who are planning to demolish the world of viruses”.  Hmm… Yup… Correct. Yes we are serious! We would like you to know that we don’t test on animals and believe in keeping the earth green. Our wish is to make you neat, crisp & Clean. Yah!! let’s WIPEBAND.