An intuitive and easy to solution to tackle cold in young children. Say goodbye to dirty hands and hello to healthier kids and cleaner clothes.

Hello !!

I am Wipeband

I’m here to keep our young one safer. Here’s the thing – young kids when they have cold, runny nose don’t use tissues. They instead wipe their nose with their hands or cough into their sleeves. This unfortunately pass germs and infections to others 🙁

With Wipeband, which can be worn by kids (just like a watch), kids no longer have to worry about runny nose or passing germs to others. They can simply wipe their nose on the soft, highly absorbent facial tissues which are held securely by Wipeband. After use, these tissues can be easily discarded.We hope that Wipeband will help kids be more of themselves – spreading love not infections.

The Wipeband Story

Before Wipeband

Jason wipes his nose with his hand and germs spread quickly to classroom objects

Amy touches the same objects, germs go to Amy and eventually to her brother at home

As germs spread rapidly, very soon Amy and her younger brother fall sick

After Wipeband

Jason catches cold infection and his mom puts on a Wipeband on his arm

 Instead of wiping his nose with his hand, Jason intuitively wipes it on Wipeband 

 Jason now responsibly tackles the germs and does not spread them. He is a hero !!

Thanks to the Wipeband – Jason is a superhero who no longer passes germs to his friends

Jason and his friends now play together safely knowing they are not spreading germs to their friends

Amy no longer brings infections/ germs from school, keeping her and her younger brother safe and healthy

Helping kids spread love not infections
One wipe at a time.

About Us

As parents ourselves, we have taken upon the mission to keep the young ones safe from viruses and to reduce the risk of infection spread amongst children.  In settings such as classrooms, playgrounds where kids come in close physical proximity with each other, share things, unfortunately infections tend to spread quickly amongst children. We intend to accomplish our goal with your partnership and with the help of Wipeband, click below to learn more about it.


How we made a change in lives