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Rising from the depths of Amsterdam Holland, two man band WiPe, exploded onto the scene early 2015.

The band’s sound, blends William Besseling’s furious drumming and earth-shattering vocals, with crashing lead basses and an occasional sample by Peter Degen, to concoct a bevy of technical masterpieces.

With standout tracks like "House of Cards" and “Level 32”, WiPe is an essential addition to any music lover's library.



William Besseling – Drums & Vocals

Peter Degen – Lead Bass/Bass guitars & the occasional Sample


"What a sound, for just two guys" Bas (Crazy/Daisy)

"A sensational sound" Michiel (El Mariachi)

"A tastefull bunch of noise" Michiel (ex Black C*nt)

“Almost as good as what our father did” Family Hupperts (Schriebl&Hupperts)

"It's less salty than expected" Mrs. Degen (Mother)

“Great vocals! It reminds me of Roger Chapman (Family/Street Walkers)" Michiel